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Cabarete is famous world-wide for its kitesurfing. Once a year, an international kitesurfing tournament is held on Kitebeach in Cabarete. Cabarate is located in the Puerto Plata region on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. The long flat sandy beaches and almost constant tradewinds have helped to make this location a top kiteboarding site.

La Boca de Yasica is a river area not too far from Cabarete where the flat water makes great kiteboarding. Just watch out for the crocs! No seriously, experienced kiterboarders can start here and surf all the way to Cabarete just 6km away.

Other popular beaches are Bozo beach and EncuentroBeach. Although the waves don't get really high, the kiteboarding is very good.

There are quite a few kitesurfing schools on the beaches here, and there is plenty of availability to hirethe kites and boards. Prices for lessons vary from around $50 upwards

Whatever you do, if you are thinking of learning to kiteboard, don't try it without proper instruction. For good reason, the kites are powerful. A quick gust of wind could send you hurting 10 feet in the air, and send you 50 yards down the beach and into a tree or rocks. Learning to handle the kite is the first think you need to learn. If you've previously learnt to paraglide or handled a big sports kite, you'll have an idea of what goes on.When you can handle the kite competantly, you can then use it to drag you through the water, back and forth. When this is mastered, it's time to get up on the board, control the kite and away you go. Taking kiteboarding lessons is the way to learn to kitesurf safely and enjoyably. It will also stop you wrecking your equipment or losing it out at sea! Assessing the strength and direction of the wind is also crucial.

Even when you've learnt to kitesurf, you can take more advanced lessons. There's always something new to learn. Can you control a jump and fly?

The kiteboarding schools below all provide kitesurfing lessons.

Kitexcite is a full service kiteboarding center offering lessons, kite/board rentals, equipment sales, lodging, kite repair, storage, downwind trips and more. We are your one stop source for all your vacation planning needs so you don't have to do anything but have a great time on your holiday!

Fantastic location at Kitebeach, renowned for its laid-back atmosphere, Kite Club welcomes you to enjoy a perfect kitesurfing-vacation. The club has a full range of IKO instruction, kite cliniques, storage, and kite store.

More than a school, it's a lifestyle. Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding School have found kite paradise: wind, waves, friendly people, music, hammocks, laughter, games, waterfall/swim-up bar, massage, DVDs, ice-cream, BBQs, puppies, fiesta, sunshine, storytelling, magazines/library, most of all: the Aloha Spirit and we are here, waiting to share it with you!