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Punta Cana

Punta Cana is one of the fastest growing areas of the Dominican Republic. Until recently it's been an area tourists would know primarliy as an all-inclusive package holiday destination. But now the beatiful Caribbean white sandy beaches and tropical paradisaic environment is attracting more permanent residents. It's now becoming the hotspot for expats desiring a better lifestyle, and investors looking for a good return on their investment.

The range of attractions in Punta Cana is rapidly growing. There are 5 good golf courses with more wprld-class courses planned.

If you like outdoor pursuits, there is plenty of water-based activities such as diving, snorkeling, fishing, wind-surfing to keep you occupied. Punta Cana has the largest barrier reef on the island making snorkeling a must. Diving around Punta Cana is better suited to beginners as the waters are shallow. Advanced divers have the option of excursions to nearby islands for more challenging dives. Big Game fishing is popular here with blue marlin and barracuda in plentiful supply. There is plenty of wind for sports such as windsurfing!

Horseback riding, safari excursions on monster trucks, jeeps or quad bikes are just some of the many attractions available in Punta Cana. There is also an ecological reserve, a marine park and an artificial island where you can swim with the dolphins.

Dominican law ensures that all beaches cannot be restricted, meaning that you are allowed to visit any beach area. Whilst the beaches around the hotels are likely to be busy, a short distance away, and you can find deserted white sand beaches.

Punta Cana has it's own internation airport, aptly named "Punta Cana International Airport".! Scheduled flights from the US, Canada, Europe and South America make it easy to get to and from.

Famous for it's all-inclusive resorts, Punta Cana has tended to incorporate all the facilities within resorts. As such, for those seeking a very laid-back vacation, Punta Cana has it in spades. Now Punta Cana is developing, and the real-estate is hotting up.

Punta Cana is three and a half hours away from Santo Dominigo, the capital of the Dominican Republic with its fine colonial architecture.

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