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Punta Perla Investment

Tax Incentives

The Punta Perla development is a world class luxury development on a grand scale and rivalling any other development. In pure investment terms, there are a number of advantages that set this oportunity apart.

As the Dominican Goverment are keen to promote luxury tourism in the region, they have decreed tax exemptions for 10 year for investors in this project. This means that:

Rental Income

Punta Perla is set to be one of the world's leading luxury accomodation destinations and is fast becoming the most desired distination in the already popular Punta Cana region. Punta Perla will set new standards in luxury and facilities. As such, rental demand will be high, and guaranteed returns are possible. It's already attracted the attention of the world's leading tour operators. The Dominican Republic already attracts around three million visitors every year, and competition is hotting up to secure luxury accomodation. Increasing numbers of tourists are demanding higher quality accomodation.

Punta Perla has the location and the quality that people are looking for. As well as owning your dream home, it can also be your dream investment.

The development will provide it's own rental facilities and can offer you two rental possibilities. You can choose from a variable rental return based on usage or an 8% p.a. Guaranteed Rental Return for up to 10 years. The 8% p.a. rental return is guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years, mutually renewable thereafter, up to a maximum of 10 years. Personal use of your property is permitted which will alter the annual returns.

Given that the number of properties being developed in the area to date is relatively small and therefore upmarket properties to rent are few and far between, the competition is fierce to secure their long term rental.

This is good news for property owners wanting consistently high returns from their investment.

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