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Visting the Dominican Republic

If you are visiting the Dominican republic for the first time - you are in for a pleasant surprise! This semi-tropical country in the Caribbean has so much to offer, and is a great way to spend your vacation. Whether you want a relaxing holiday on the beach, or plan to do some travelling and exploring, or maybe some sporting activities, the DR really does have a wide variety.

The weather isn't always hot and sunny - thankfully we do get the odd respite - but it should be a pleasant change from your home country. Just remember to bring plenty of sunscreen, drink plenty of fluids (non-alcoholic!) and don;t rush around too much. Rushing isn't something that is done too much here, partly due to the climate, and partly due to the friendly and relaxed nature of the Dominican people.

Whatever you do when you get here, you are sure to find yourself wanting to come back for a second and third visit.

The best guide to the Dominican Republic is here! All the latest links to all the best sites. Ask any questions relating to the Dominican Republic here and post information about your experiences on the message board. Enjoy the site, and most of all, enjoy the paradise that is the Dominican Republic!!

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