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Health in the Dominican Republic

Health as in most developing countries is an issue. The Dominican Republic though does have an increasing number of new and advanced facilities. It is even starting to attract North Americans who are flying over for certain surgical and dental procedures which can be performed in an equal manner but at a lower cost.

Visiting as a tourist should present no health risks. Some countries suggest innoculations for deseases such as tuberculosis, malaria etc, and these should be considered as you would consider them in any foreign country. Most tourist resorts have adequate facilities for the treating of common ailments, and there are good hospitals which should be included in your travel insurance, able to cope with most issues. Consult your travel insurance documents for further details on this.

The obvious problems that many tourists come accross, are upset stumachs, diareah, sunburn and dehydration.The latter two can be easily avoided by wearing plenty of sunscreen, maybe a hat, not spending too long in the sun (especially initially), and drinking plenty of water rather than alcohol.

Most resorts will have at least one Pharmacy which should have adequate stocks of medicines to counteract stumach and bowel problems. Do not drink water from taps - only bottled water, or water that has been specifically issued for human consumption.



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