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Dominican Public Transport

Getting aound the Dominican Republic is definately different to back home. There are not so many regulations on the road-worthiness of motorised vehicles, so it's quite common to see trucks with no bumbers or other body panels missing, broken windscreens, no lights and so on.

Driving is on the right side of the road, similar to the US and most of Europe, although many local don't adhere too closely to that rule!

The most common form of transport it the moto, or as we'd call it a motorbike, scooter or moped. You will see many moto taxis, commonly known as motoconchos. These are riding around all the time, and if you want a lift just beckon in their direction. More likely, they will call out to you to see if you want a lift, very different from taxis back home! Expect to pay 10-20 pesos for a short ride upwards. The fare is negotiable, and for longer journeys is worth agreeing a price before you take it. Expect to pay double for two passengers.

For longer journeys, between towns, you will see minibuses filled with people. These are called gua-guas and act like private buses. Yuo can flag them down and jump on, and get off anywhere along the route. Prices are generally less than a dollar for short journeys. Bear in mind, they don;t restrict the number of passengers getting on, so not advised if you are claustraphobic!

If you want more comfort there are organised air-conditioned buses going on set routes between the major towns run by Caribe Tours. These are easy to spot and can be taken from specified stopping points.

When taking any of these forms of transport, it pays to have small change such as 10, 20 pesos. If you take out large bills, some drivers may tell you the fare is much larger. If in doubt, profer a lower bill in accordance with what you think it should be. Always remain calm, and the best tactic is to smie and assume they were joking with you - which they may well have been!


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