Phone Cards & Discounted International Calls

When you are calling the Dominican republic, or calling another country from the DR, it's extremely beneficial to purchase a discounted calling card which can reduce the cost by up to 90%.

Calling from the UK

There are many schemes that now allow you to call the Dominican Republic for 10 to 15 pence per minute - a big saving from standard BT rates. These usually involve you calling a local access UK telephone number and typing in your unique id number followed by the international number you wish to call. You then get put through to the international number at the discounted rate. This works surprisingly well, and is definately worth it if you intend to dial abroad more than a couple of times a year.

Calling from the US

Calling from the Other Countries

Telephone cards are available for most countries. To check, click on the link below to see if you can call from your country. Usually, they will email you the local number to dial, along with your unique ID number.

Call Haiti 12060 Buy Phonecards! 


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