Sosua Beach

Another busy day at the beach, photo of Sosua beach
the sun is shining as usual,
the kids are happy!!
Dominican kids on the beach at Sosua. photo of Dominican kids
Chilling out with the local brew. Best served ice-cold, as it always is along Sosua beach. presidente beer
Simple games are the best. Youngsters will happily play for hours along what is considered one of the safest beaches in the Caribbean.
Picturesque Sosua beach. palm trees
Set back from the beach are some great places to eat... Beach bar
drink, chat, relax...
or shop.
Nice and shady. Plenty to do. Hire a snorkel, go diving, take a boat drip, swim, suft or just relax with a cool drink.

Sosua beach is a beautiful sheltered beach diving the two main parts of Sosua town, Los Charimicos, and El Batey. El Batey at the east end of the beach is the more touristy with the majority of the hotels, restaurants, bars and casinos, while Los Charimicos to the West is more Dominican residential area.

The water is warm and all year round, making swimming extremely relaxing. The sea here fits the true image of the Caribbean, blue, crystal clear and a perfect temperature. Some days, depending on the conditions, you will even see some of the locals surfing to the East side of the bay. As the bay is quite sheltered, it's more of a family relaxing beach rather than an activity beach such as found further along the coast at Cabarete. It's interesting to gently swim out and then gaze back at the shore where you can see all the trees and beautiful foliage framing the beach.

The sand here is not quite as white and fine as found on some other beaches, but some will prefer it due to the slightly larger grains that don't have the same tendancy to stick to your skin - great for kids' sand-castles!

Hawkers do walk along the beach offering a variety of fruit, oysters, sweets and the inevitable hair-braiding. Unlike most other tourist destinations however, the Dominican hawkers are not pushy at all. It can take a few days to truly appreciate this. Rather than abruptly shooing them off, it works better for all, if you smile widely and say "No Gracias". They are generally very friendly and most will beam a great big smile right back. They also love to chat, if you know some Spanish (some also speak English) and you can engage in conversation without the usual concern that the conversation will try to coerce you into parting with your cash. Having said all that, why not try some of the items being offered. A fresh coconut, bananas and oranges can be purchased for a fraction of what you will pay at home, with the added assurance that it's likely to be far fresher. They are quite happy to haggle on the price, but take it easy - it's a holiday!

Sunday is family day, when many Dominican families will spend some time on the beach. Watching the Dominican children play happily in the sea and or on the beach is entertainment in itself.

Along most of the beach are deckchairs and parasols rented out to beach lovers by the locals. Current rates are 60 peso's per day, however long you stay. You don't have to hire them however, and are free to sit on the sand, or bring your own chair without fear of hassle. If you do hire them, you can expect the hirer to offer to fetch you drinks and food from the many bars and cafe's along the back of the beach without any extra charge aside from what you will be if you fetch them yourself.

Set back from the beach are small bars, restaurants and shops. The prices of drinks and food are pretty reasonable, around 50-60 pesos for a beer, and average 150 pesos for a meal. They are great places to sit and chat with your friends or the locals, some of whom will be only to pleased to answer your questions and tell you more about the area. The shops have an interesting assortment of items, such as striking paintings on canvas, ornate wood carvings and other gifts that are amzingly priced when you compare them to back home. Again, remember to haggle to get a real bargain.






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