Cabarete - North Coast -Dominican Republic


Cabarete is a world renowned center for Kiteboarding and windsurfing - see our kiteboarding page - due to its excellent all year round wind.

But holiday-makers also like to party, and in Cabarete's case, the partying is any night through till the morning. There are absolutely loads of bars and restaurants to choose from, split between the main high street, and those set on the beach. There is nothing like sitting comfortably, sipping a drink, on a beautiful beach at night, with the palm trees gently waving in a soft breeze.

To the first timer, Cabarete seems surprisingly small considering it reputation. There doesn't appear to be much there apart from bars, restaurants, shops, kite schools and cambios. But if you like water activities, there is plenty to keep you going. If you enjoy soaking up the Dominican atmosphere, take a seat at one of the many bars located by the main high street, and watch the bustle of motoconcho riders, delivery drivers and holiday-makers all going about their business. If there is a traffic holdup - it doesn't take long for the traffic police to intervene.







Kite boarding in Cabarete - Dominican Republic - Great place to learn, good instruction, super conditions,



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