Recipes from the Dominican Republic - Fruit Brochettes

Chef's tips

Moisten some curaçao or martini glasses or goblets and place them in the freezer to frost up; use them to serve the punch.
For a more exotic effect, serve the skewers on a banana leaf.

Ingredients - serves 4

To make the passion punch

  1. Scoop out the passion fruits and purée them in a blender with the rum and brown sugar.
  2. Strain and place in the freezer.
To make the brochettes
  1. Cut the fruit into pieces (not too small)
  2. Thread the fruit onto skewers to create an attractive palette of colours;
  3. Reduce the honey and butter in a skillet until it forms a light syrup; cook the brochettes in this reduction.
  4. Deglaze with a little of the punch.


  1. Arrange the brochettes on serving plates
  2. Pour the punch into frosted goblets containing some crushed ice
  3. Place on the plates
  4. For a festive note, just before serving, heat a little rum in a small saucepan; flambé and pour over the brochettes.

A recipe from Olivier Guilmain of Eva Luna in Las Terrenas

Preparation time: 30 minutes
Freezing time: At least 2 hours
Cost: Reasonable, depending on the market price
Difficulty: Very easy